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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The amal of Ism-e-Azam, Ya Allahu

Assalam oalaikum,
Ism-e-Allah is a powerful amal and one of my favorites. One has to offer zakaat for doing this amal. This amal can do wonders, if done properly. It can make people wealthy, it can make lovers comply and can help one steer clear of any difficult situation. However, in order to perform this amal successfully it is essential that one should get rid of any kind of black magic influence. If a person is a victim of black magic or sifli then he gets surrounded by negative energies. This can affect the amal. In such a case this amal may succeed only upto 50% or not at all.
This amal is of 40 days. Within this time, zakat should be offered by the amil. The number of times is 125000. This number can be divided by 40, i.e the stipulated time period of the amal. If a person does not want to offer zakat then the amal can be done 300 times after each namaz. Inshallah all your prayers will be answered and your amal may become successful. This amal should be repeated daily without fail. After completion of the amal it should be repeated only 100 times daily. If you notice that the amal is working for you then it should be continued for a lifetime so that you can avail its benefits always. To do this amal, you should read Durud Shareef 11 times, then Ya Allahu according to its stipulated amount and lastly 11 times Durud Shareef again.
NOTE: This amal should be done discreetly. You should not tell this to anyone that “I am doing this amal for so and so reason.”. Do not disclose about this amal even to your parents, only then will it yield good results, otherwise it shall become null and void.

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Ali said...

My name is Ali.I want to be the amil of "YA ALLAH" but not want to offer zakat.Will it must work while I recite it after each prayer regularly.

Shabir said...

if we don't want to offer zakat,then we should read it 300 times after each namaz????

Anonymous said...

please tell me i have lymphoma which Allah's name shall i recite me please

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir I have your Web page in which u have mentions the name of Allah and the Amal for the Words ..
please can u tell the amel or the specific name of Allah which makes me rich in money or what i want to be i will have ...
hope u will reply me soon .

Jimmy Beigh said...

i want to know that if i do this amal.i also want to give zakaat but want to know that is it necessary to give zakaat daily in all the 40 days or can i give my zakaat wholely on a particular days or days....

Jimmy Beigh said...

i want to know that is it necessary to give zakaat daily during 40 days or can i give whole zakaat on a particular day or days...

naz kotwal said...

I been told to do 4000times after midnight ya allah with oud incence burning. The peer said u need a hisar and aometimes he says no. I dnt want this to harm me or my children so pl.let me know and also plz let me no if women can do this

Anonymous said...

whatz isme azam of my name me TAWHEED

sweety said...

mera naam nasreen hai
mai poochna chah rahi hoon ke yeh amal karna sahi hai na lakin zakaat bhi deni hai kia ya sirf ye amal kare ye amal karne se kia hoga

Anonymous said...

Aslamalaikum WR WB Respected Sir Amel Soname,

I read your blogs often. Thank you very much for such a great & helpful blogs.

I was just going through the blog "Ism-e-Ilahi Wazaif". Respected sir, I want to do Amal Isme-e-Ilahi "Ya Allahu". I have a few question regarding the Amal.

1) Do I need to take a permission (Ijazat) to do this amal? If yes, can you please give me a permission?

2) Paying the Zakkat of this amal means reciting the Ism-e-Illahi 125000 times within 40days, am I right?

3) Can I read as many times as I can? I mean can the number of recitation vary/change everyday? like one day if I recite 5000 times, the next day can I recite 3000 times?

4) If I complete 125000 in less than 40 days for the rest of the days I'm going to recite it 100 times a day until 40days are completed, is it correct?

5) Can it be done during the days of 'Napaaki'? If no, should a woman stop & then complete remaining days after she is clean again?

6) While doning this amal, can another wazifa be done along with it or should the amal stop all other waziaf & recitations while doing it?

7) Please let me know if there are any other specific conditions for this amal. Thank you.

I really want to do this amal to be closer to Allah & to invoke Him for every worldly & hereafter needs through this amal. I'll greatly appreciate a quick reply from you. I just hope I'm not disappointed. May Allah bless you always & grant you the best in this world & hereafter (Amin).

Thank you. JazakAllah Khairin.

shareefmud said...


Please advise me i already completed 55000 figure Allah Name ya Allahu Ya Salam total of 125000 is Zakat pls advise me

shareefmud said...


i need to know about isam azam Ya Allahu Ya Salamu i completed around 85000 times at home and office what are condition for this pls relpy me step by step procedure thanks regards

shareefmud said...


i waiting for your reply please.

sweety said...

mera naaaaaaaaam nasreen hai mai poochna chati hoon ke mai agar zakat nahi do or sirf har namaz mai ye amal karo to kiasa rahe ga plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me

Anonymous said...

Hazrat Qiblah Assalaam-O-Alaikum.Main yeh maaloom karna chahta hoon kay kiya 'ALLAHO' ki zakat beghair Wazoo,chaltay phirtay aur laitay laitay ada kijasakti hai ?

nazia said...

Salam amel saab.
I want to kmow about thiz wazifa ya Allaho.who can do thiz wazifa?can u give permission of it.?zakat is must? Are females allowed to do thiz? Bcoz i hv heard that isme azam r not for females plz kindly help me in this regard. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

How to pay zakaat before start any amal. Please give me advice details. For example I want start YA ALLAHU amal. How to pay zakaat before start amal.

Anonymous said...

insan ka apnay nafs py qabu paana kesay mumkin hai ??

Anonymous said...

kya ortain mensis k dinon me b parh skti hen allahu ka amal??

Sadiq Ali said...

Assalam Walaikum
My name is sadiq I am frequent visitor of this site. I want to know about the amal of ya allah.zakat is given before starting the amal or after finishing 125000 & how much amount should be given for zakat

Anonymous said...

Can i read it 125000 times in less than 40 days ? I wanna complete in 30 days ?