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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The amal of Ism-e-Azam, Ya Munimu

Assalam oalaikum
If a person recites Ya Munimu after any farz namaz then he will never be poor or deprived.
If a barren woman writes Ya Munimu on the slices of an apple and eats it then Inshallah she will be able to conceive a child.

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Anonymous said...

How many times should written?

Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of this isme azam

rizwan abid said...

how many time i recite ya munimu after namaz

Fiaz said...

Salaam alykhym my name is Fiaz I was reading on your website regarding Allah's name ya mohaiminu it says recite after bath 1000 times and then 300 times after every namaz do I read 1000 times daily and for how many days? Or do I have an option to only read 1000 times? I'm a little confused can you please reply me back and let me know thanks