Saturday, February 4, 2012

The amal of Ism-e-Azam, Ya Salamu

Assalam olaikum,
Allah (swt) mentions in the Quran that his name Ya Salamu is superior to his other names. This name offers plentitude to those who recite it. The greatest benefit of this Ism-e-Azam is that it is a time-tested remedy for all ailments. It can be described as an emergency treatment from Allah (swt). However, before performing this amal it should be ascertained that the illness has occurred naturally and not as a consequence of black magic being done by an enemy. This amal can be done either by the patient himself/herself or by someone else. The method is very simple. After each namaz, recite Ya Salamu 300 times. Read Durud shareef 11 times before and after the recitation. Then blow on the water thrice and give this water to the patient.

Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname


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